Our Story

About Us

Our Story

The Chocolate Lake Co. which located in Amman, Jordan is a privately owned company established in 2017. 

the company was built to produce high quality chocolate products with a distinctive taste that serves the industry  with all aspects and needs to be present.

Pastry chocolate have became inseparable of a modern lifestyle. People simply love chocolate and  sweet pastries. Undeniable processed chocolate is the main ingredient in in many pastry and bakery products.

Chocolates are mostly used in home-made cakes, artisan  work chocolate and also in industrial food products.

Currently we hold the ISO 9001 Quality certification, ISO 22000 Food safety Certification and HACCP Certification

Our Business Services

We seek to work as partner of our customers and would like to think together with the customer s to solve their problems. Our services including troubleshooting, training, trial runs, production advices & packaging advices

Describing our experience in partnering with HORECA and food manufacturing customers. We look at innovation not only related to our products but also in customer related services.


Makes every one happy

There are so many reasons why chocolate makes people happy that it’s difficult to know where to start, but let’s begin with the simpler explanations. Think about the last time you ate a piece of chocolate. Did it make you happy? The chances are that it did. Chocolate makes people happy because it tastes good and provides a moment’s respite from busy, and often stressed-out, lives. For some, chocolate is a guilty pleasure, and we are firm believers in the old adage that forbidden fruit is always the most satisfying. Just seeing chocolate, or inhaling its wonderful aroma, has quickened the beat of many a chocolate-lover’s heart.

We’re proud to partner with
globally loved brands.







About Us

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